EAR TO THE GROUND: "High" featured on "Indie rock and pop to party all weekend! – March 2019"

“At the end of the first line, I make this involuntary and audible “mmhmm” every time I listen to this track. It’s part chill pop, part revving you up for a banger electro pop track. The way the track transitions dynamics is really powerful. It’s an interesting track lyrically because it might seem like it’s about drug use, but I think it’s actually about feeling good or positive. I think the writer is down because of something that happened, but wishes he didn’t feel that way. No matter your interpretation, it’s a track with a lot of energy and hopefulness and a made-for-live-shows sing along quality.” - Ear To The Ground

Full article here: http://www.eartothegroundmusic.co/2019/03/29/indie-rock-and-pop-to-party-all-weekend-march-2019/